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Boston Mold Removal Services

Boston MA Mold Inspection,
Testing, and Remediation

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Boston Mold Removal Services is all about helping their clients get rid of their mold and at the same time keeping everyone safe. We all know mold can be complex when trying to clean it, but our team is the mold heroes you need. We make sure to not only remove the mold but try our best to prevent it from growing back and we teach our clients about ways to prevent it from growing back.

We have been the number one mold removal choice for many years and aim to continue this trend for years to come.

About Us

If you are looking for mold remediation companies in the Boston area, we are the most trusted in the area. The whole team at our company is reliable, professional, and friendly.  We are always so thrilled to hear about all the positive feedback our clients have been giving us over the last few years and we can’t wait to continue to live up to our high standards.

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    Our Services

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    Our team offers a wide range of Mold removal Boston MA services. We offer our clients a mold inspection service and testing for the beginning process in order to check if there is mold or not. This also checks if your mold is toxic or not, but either way, we suggest get it removed and prevent complications, that's where a mold removal and remediation service comes in. We also offer our commercial clients mold removal services, making sure that both residential and commercial clients get their mold needs assisted.

    Mold & Health
    Mold Inspecting
    Mold Testing

    Mold & Health

    If you suspect that you have mold growing in your home then it’s probably safest to get the house inspected and tested first to see if you really do have mold. If the test results come back positive, then you are going to need our team to come in and do mold removal and remediation. Mold can affect your eyes, lungs, throat, and skin. Many people suffer from allergies due to the mold in their homes.

    Mold Inspecting

    Looking for mold inspection Boston? Let us do the inspection for you so we can find out where water is coming in from and what is causing the mold growth. During one of our mold inspections, we will need to walk around the inside and the outside of your property to look for any water leaks or places where mold is forming. Our team is well trained to conduct this service for your residential or commercial property.

    Mold Testing

    If you need mold testing Boston, our team is the right choice for you. We do mold testing along with a range of other services. Our mold testing kits can be used to do a few different tests on the home, depending on the area. We can do air samples and surface sampling tests. Another great test is the water intrusion test to see where the water is coming in from.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation
    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold Removal & Remediation

    If you are looking for the best mold removal Boston has to offer, then look no further than Boston Mold Removal Services. Our team is able to remove all signs of mold that is present in your home. Our company also offers our clients the best mold remediation Boston has seen. Our team is professional and hard working. They always arrive at the job with a smile on their face. For top-quality mold removal and remediation for your home, get in contact with us.

    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    Are you looking for a company that offers top-quality commercial mold removal and remediation? Our servicemen will provide this to you. Our servicemen know exactly how to remove mold from your commercial property. They will find every last spot of mold and find out where it is coming from. Our servicemen provide our clients with the best mold remediation Boston MA has to offer and promise to do everything in their power to stop the growth of mold.


    Our team has a couple of frequently asked questions that we thought we would answer for you straight away to clear up any confusion you may have about mold. In this section we discuss the effects mold can have on humans' health, the types of mold, getting rid of mold, and why it grows in the first place. If you find that your question was not answered, please get in contact with our customer care team who will answer your question for you.

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    Contact Us Today

    For any queries or quotations please don’t hesitate to ask us by giving us a call on the number that is provided on our website or write us an email and we will get back to you. Our customer care will make sure to always get back to you as quickly as possible. Customer care is a professional, reliable team of workers who are great listeners. We like to think of them as problem solvers.

    “I was in desperate need of a company that offered removal and remediation of mold and found this company. I did mold abatement Boston with this company and they were so professional! They performed this service so effortlessly and they were so friendly too. I will definitely be referring them to my friends and family in the future.”-Terry Bright  

    “I was searching for a trustworthy Mold removal company as I had a large amount of mold growing in my basement and they came straight over and sorted the problem out for me. I was so relieved they fixed this issue as it was starting to make the house smell strange.”-Garry Allan

    “I suffer from allergies quite often so when I realized I was sneezing regularly and my eyes were itchy, I knew there was a problem. I didn’t know it was mold in the beginning but soon realized it was best to get the mold removers in to get an answer. I had mold everywhere!” –Jessica Halt