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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

how to remove black mold

If you are needing commercial mold removal and remediation services, then get in touch with us so we set you up with an appointment. It is really important to remove mold, in both residential and commercial properties to make sure everyone inside the is healthy and to keep maintain the building itself. Mold eats away at objects, so we recommend you take care of any mold issues straight away. Our team will take all the necessary precautions when dealing with your mold.


The bad thing about mold is that it leaves stains. Yes, that means wherever the mold was growing it will leave a stain underneath it even after you clean the area. That’s why it’s best to remove mold, do the remediation and sometimes remove the actual item it was growing on such as a piece of wood. The stains left behind once mold has been removed are not harmful. The stains are simply an aesthetic problem which many of our clients don’t want. Most people don’t want to look at the stain that their mold caused, which we understand.

Health Effects

As we know mold can cause a few health effects on humans as some people are more perceptive of getting allergies that others. Being in a house with mold means you are breathing in the mold at all times. Mold can affect a series of areas inside your body. This is why it's crucial to remove the mold and make sure it stops growing in and around your homes. Our mold removers care about the health and safety of everyone inside your home and we encourage you to ask them about the interesting mold facts that could affect you and others.

Water Event

If there was recently a water event such as a flood or a leak from heavy rains, you will need to remove or soak up all the water that has got inside your home. This is the first step in taking precautions against getting mold. Mold spores and water equals mold growth which is never good for a home. If mold starts to grow in your home, then it could lead to your home looking quite dirty and unappealing. If you have mold growing in a wet area, we can come over and remove the moisture and treat the area properly.


Firstly, you will need to have all the correct tools when performing mold remediation. Not only can mold spores affect your home, but also your health. The main way to resolve your mold problems is to kill it. Call in the professionals and let us clean the mold while making sure it doesn't touch us as you need to protect yourself when dealing with mold. There are different color molds, either way, its best to clean it or remove the item and replace it. If there is mold on your carpet or walls then we can help clean the area. If we feel the item affected needs to be removed, then the team will let you know.

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