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Mold & Health

mold toxicity bad for health

The team here at Boston Mold Removal Services wants to make sure you are safe and that is why we have chosen to inform you about mold and how it could impact your health in more negative ways than one. Let us walk you through the signs of mold growth, health issues, black mold, and what you should do if you start to see mold growing in your home or office. If you have any more questions about mold, give us a call.

Signs of Mold

Other than the physical signs of seeing the mold growing on your walls or ceilings, sometimes It’s not as easy to see the mold as its growing behind your wall or under your bed. If you start to experience coughing, sneezing, an itchy throat, sinus, itchy skin, or a runny nose then you might have mold growing somewhere in your home.  Another easy sign is the smell of mold but in some cases, mold doesn't have a strong enough smell. If you can smell it, it will usually smell musty. If you have ever smelt wet socks before then you know what musty smells like.

Is Mold Harmful?

The answer is always yes. Mold is harmful especially if you leave it to grow, which it will continue to do if not removed. Some mold is toxic which you will need testing done to find this out. Mold can have a different effect on different people, as some humans are more prone to allergies than others. In some cases, mold can make humans sick if you breathe it in for some time. Mold can also irritate eyes, throat, lungs, and your nose. This is when you need the professionals to come in and take a proper look at the mold in your home.

Health Issues

Not all humans will be affected by mold growing in their homes. The problem lies in the gases mold can emit into the air if it continues to grow. This gas is commonly referred to as microbial volatile organic compounds. As you can see by the name, its volatile and we strongly suggest you get rid of all the mold in your residential or commercial property. Not only should you remove it but you should also get our team in to treat the area that was effected making sure it doesn’t grow back again anytime soon.

Black Mold

Black mold is a major problem if you have it growing anywhere near humans. This could lead humans to have a list of chronic issues such as chronic fatigue, headaches, and rashes. These symptoms will be added to the previous list of symptoms with normal mold. If you take a look at it, it appears to be dark green and slimy. It usually grows in a pattern similar to a polka dot effect. If you see this pattern growing in your home then call us straight away and we will be right over to remove the mold and handle the situation as best as we can.

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