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Mold Inspecting

mold inspection in progress

If you feel you have mold in your home, the best idea is to get our team in to do a mold inspection. This is a set of inspections that will be able to answer your questions once and for all. The inspection involves checking multiple areas for mold or leaks. If we feel there is mold, then we can run tests. Once the results come back, our team will contact you to let you know about the report. If there is mold detected, then we can set you up with our mold removal and remediation service. This service will help remove the mold and clean the area.

Check for Plumbing Leaks

During our mold inspection, we will need to check for any plumbing leaks as this could be the cause of the mold growth. Our inspectors will walk around your entire property to make sure they find the cause or the reason for mold growth. The inspector will walk around the inside and the outside of your property checking for any leaks. If a leak is detected, then they will let the client know straight away as well as inform the client on what the next best step is. The next step will be to remove the mold and do mold remediation which another service we offer here at Boston Mold Removal Services.

Look for Outside Leaks

During our inspection the team will need to check for outside leaks of any kind, to make sure this is not the cause of your mold. This can often be the reason for mold growing inside your home as people often clean the inside of their homes and forget about the exterior as it’s a lot more tricky and complex. Our team has several years of experience with mold inspections, so you are in safe hands. Outside leaks do not only mean serious water damage such as a flood. This also means any small leak that hasn't been fixed.

Inspect Ductwork

The mold removers will inspect your ductwork. This is a necessary area for inspection of mold as we have found in the past that this is a hotspot for mold. It’s better to check all the areas and make sure we are one hundred percent accurate with our inspection procedures. Our professionalism is important to us and we always make sure to be timely and friendly on any job site. Sometimes mold isn’t caused by any of the above reasons and rather the water is coming in from a sliding door that wasn’t installed properly.


Our team makes sure to always work timely and professionally. We are dedicated to removing mold and finding the root cause. We always want our clients to be happy about the outcome and to make sure they know they can contact us about any mold-related problems. For all you mold inspection Boston needs, we have you covered. We are the team that knows how to handle mold, kill mold, and most importantly keep people safe.

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