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Mold Removal & Remediation

best mold removal & remediation

Usually, with most mold removal and remediation services, we have to remove the object as a whole as mold eats away at surfaces. After a water intrusion test, we can find where the water is coming in from. Sometimes people have mold growing on their floorboards which they can't see as it's under their carpet. Any AC vents will be taped and we make sure that any mold spores are removed from the air. Drywall is another part that is prone to having mold.

Personal Protective Gear

It is really important to wear protective gear when dealing with mold. In the process of mold removal and mold remediation, our team will be wearing personal protective gear at all times. This is another reason why we don’t feel that it’s safe to be removing mold on your own, without the proper gear. This safety gear includes safety goggles, shoes, gloves, and a suit. More sensitive people could get a few side effects from touching mold, that's why we protect ourselves when handling the mold. You can read up more about these side effects on our website.

Remove Nails and Isolate

When removing mold, we will have to isolate the room and make sure we remove all the nails that are infected, if there are any. Isolating the room means we have to block off any air vents or places where the mold spores can move to another part of the house. We have a checklist approach we follow when we go about isolating the room, to ensure we are following every step as accurately as we can. Our years of experience make us the number one mold removal company in the area.

Treat Mold

We have heard of a number of products and methods people use when trying to kill their mold. Please make sure that you are doing the correct method if you are going to do it by yourself. If you are unsure, it’s always better to get our professionals in to deal with the mold for you. If you do it properly then you can also help with mold prevention in the future. We have seen that in some cases people try to hide their mold by covering it or painting over it, which only causes the paint to peel off. There is no covering mold, you have to remove it.

Growth Prevention

The key to preventing mold from growing back is to keep the area dry. The area that usually has mod growing will most likely be the area where there is a leak or a lot of moisture. Mold loves damp areas and it feeds off the dust, so make sure you clean those areas that get dusty. Our team of mold removers knows exactly what steps to take to prevent mold from growing back. We make sure to clean the area after we have finished this process. We make sure to seal infected materials in a concealed bag. We also vacuum the area.

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