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Mold Testing

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There are multiple ways of testing if there is mold present in your home but we have the go-to methods that always tell us the accurate answer. Mold testing is important to know if there is mold growing in your house when you can't see it. Usually, in these cases, clients can smell mold but they can't see it, therefore wanting a test done to see if someone can pick up the mold. We have a mold test kit, so call us today and we can come over and check if your house has mold.

Air Sampling

The inspector will need to look for active moisture in the air. Different colors tell us different things. We have inferred cameras that help us with the temperatures. We take a sample and make sure to send it over to the lab. This will mean your home will have a proper evaluation was done which will tell you if you have mold or not. You may ask yourself if it's possible to do this test on your own but the answer is always to get the professionals in. This way you will save time and money in the long run.

Surface Sampling

Our team makes sure to inspect all surfaces for mold. Sometimes we even find that leather handbags can cause mold when they sit in the cupboard for long. Looking under the beds is another good place as there can sometimes be an accumulation of dust which is a food source for mold. Yes, mold needs food to survive and dust is one of those sources. This is why it's so important to clean under your bed. It's better to get the proper inspection done so that a professional can let you know what steps to take next.

Remove Mold

If we find mold, then we can remove it straight away. A basement inspection is quite a popular request from our clients over the years as the basement is an ideal place for mold to grow. Mold grows well in areas that have a lot of moisture and it grows well on wood, carpet, paper products, and insulation. Dust and drywall are another place mold grow well in. Now you know a little more about the multiple places mold thrives. It can even grow on your wallpaper! Our team can remove it and start the restoration process for you.


We will also run a water intrusion test to make sure we find out where the water is coming in from. After we do an inspection and we find there is mold then you can get our team to come back and clean it up which will be a different service. Call us and we can arrange this for you straight away. We offer mold removal and remediation service which will remove the mold, clean the service it was removed from and make sure the mold doesn’t grow back. In some cases, mold will grow back but this isn’t often if you continue to check on the area.

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